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Welcome to the blog!

Hello lovely people! First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to click here. Even if you're the only one I can guarantee that you have made my day a whole lot brighter! I hope this can be a positive space for you to sit down, grab a cup of tea, and relax (much like I'm doing right now)

What's the blog for?

Good question! I wasn't sure that a makeup portfolio website needed a blog either. And when it comes to working within the wedding and makeup industries, you could argue that I'm probably not the most qualified to write such a blog. However, it's no secret to everyone who knows me that I love all things wedding, and it's easy to write about what you love! Here we can share our joy surrounding one another's marvellous ideas. I also think it's important to be vocal about what needs to change: diversity, affordability, and sustainability, just to name a few. I want Bohemia Beauty to be a comfortable space for ALL

Being Featured

I really want to hear from you! If you have anything you'd love to share, please get in touch using my Contact page.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Kelsey x

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