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My Favourite Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands

It's no secret that here at Bohemia Beauty, I only use cruelty-free products. I am also making my best efforts to transfer to an all-vegan kit, too! In my opinion, there is no reason to still be buying products that are tested on animals, as there are so many cruelty-free brands to suit every budget. Of course, I'm talking makeup, but this also spread to skincare, haircare, and about any kind of body-care. Here's my little guide to a guilt-free pamper.

Faith in Nature

My eczema makes my skin very sensitive to chemical nasty things, and I noticed my shampoo was really hurting my back when I washed my hair. I first made the switch to Lush's shampoo and conditioner, which I loved and would still completely recommend, but at £23 for a 100g bottle, it's not always affordable. I then tried Faith in Nature, and I'm converted! At a much happier £5.49, I love how this product feels for my hair and skin. I went for the liquid in a bottle option as it is more suited for my on-the-road lifestyle, but they have also released solid shampoos for the even more eco-savvy of you. What drew me to Faith in Nature in the first place was seeing a Faith In Nature refill station in a zero-waste store (I think it was near Bristol), so a lucky few of you can keep your bottles topped up and reduce your waste even further! Treat yourself, your hair, and the planet all in one purchase.


I have included Revolution makeup on this list for similar reasons as Faith In Nature. These tiny palettes are perfect for travelling and very inexpensive, so I'm not too sad if one gets lost or broken on my travels. They include all the basic shades that I can use to create a range of looks, plus they smell sweet! Many of Revolution's products are great value for money, especially if you're in a pinch and have a Superdrug in sight. These colours are also very well pigmented, more so than some of my high-end eyeshadows, so the little palette goes a long way. Superdrug has a wide selection of affordable, cruelty-free brands, but this just so happens to be one of my favourites.

Urban Decay

There is little I dislike about Urban Decay. Actually, is there anything I dislike about Urban Decay? I have spoken about their primer potion on the blog before, but now I think I have a full face worth of their products. Upon learning that Benefit isn't cruelty-free, I spent far too much time (and money!) testing other brands until I found one that I could rely on. This foundation, in particular, has been a game-changer for me. My dry-with-eczema-yet-oily skin isn't an easy one to work with, but this foundation does the trick. They will soon be replacing the Morphe foundations I use in my kit, too! They do, however, come with a catch. Whilst Urban Decay don't test finished products or ingredients on animals or sell to countries that require animal testing by law, they are owned by L'oreal, who do test on animals. This issue isn't exclusive to Urban decay as L'oreal, amongst others, owns a lot of popular brands. Where you chose to put your money is a powerful tool, and your animal-loving voices will be heard.


Australian makeup and skincare are always a bit ahead of the rest, and Sukin is no exception. As mentioned, I have eczema, so my moisturiser is key. I never liked the clinical feel of the prescribed moisturisers, I wanted to feel a bit like a normal person with a skin routine I enjoyed. As always, I shopped around for a moisturiser that leaves my skin hydrated and feeling nice without being irritating: enter Sukin. I'd heard of the brand before but I didn't know it was available in the UK until I found it in TK Maxx! I now also use their micellar water, and my collection will continue to grow. The products I have used so far all smell nice without being heavily perfumed, naturally or unnaturally. I've had this moisturiser for months, too, and only need a tiny dot each time to achieve a full face coverage. Might pop some on now, actually.

Candy Coat

I've recently been dipping my toes into the nail world. There's a lot of starter kits that can be bought on Amazon for tempting yet suspiciously low prices, but I could find little to no information about the brands. I wanted to make sure I started off on the right foot, both ethically and quality of the product. In my research, I came across Candy Coat, and I was so taken in by their adorable brand image, as well as their cruelty-free status! I purchased one of their starter kits, and I am having a great time! It wasn't until I considered leaning more about nails that I realised that I had never questioned the cruelty-free status of salons. Here at Bohemia Beauty, I use 100% cruelty-free products. This will not change, even if the business does.

I don't know about you, but I don't think that animal-tested beauty is very beautiful. But you are! If you are unsure of the cruelty-free or vegan status of a product, feel free to get in contact. Most of my information comes from CrueltyFreeKitty, so you can check out her blog too. Good luck to you on your cruelty-free adventure! Run a bath and relax in the knowledge that you're a cool person.

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