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Pretty & Punk Promo

Last week I helped out on my first promotional shoot, and it was a lot of fun! Hannah kindly invited me to do her makeup for the day, looking for something that would represent her sweet, girly style. She's teamed up with fellow wedding planner Daniella to bring Pretty & Punk wedding fair to life!

I am really gutted that I won't be available to attend the fair myself! What drew me to it and made me so excited to work on this project was that it is unique to anything I've seen locally. I LOVE the idea of unique and alternative weddings, and I haven't seen that represented in the South West until Daniella has added her flair to the fair! In combination with Hannah's glamorous, chic style, the fair will truly have something for everyone. Hannah and Daniella came together online through their shared wedding-planner passions, so what they are putting together is very genuine and has a lot of love behind it. For me, the shoot had a great atmosphere of small female businesses supporting other small female businesses, and what's not to love about that?

Behind the Scenes

I arrived at Hannah's (very Pinterest-worthy) home in the morning and her, her husband, and her two little dogs Ava and Elvis (!!) were very welcoming. We immediately got chatting and it was a lovely vibe! I created a soft, natural look for her with some extra pink sparkle on the eyes and pink lips, complimenting her rosey skirt and the amazing balloon arch that was propped up against the wall. I dabbed Urban Decay's Heavy Metal eyeliner in the shade Grind over her neutral toned eye-shadow, and it was the perfect finish. I love this product, I know I will eventually have it in every shade and use it on every client! I was really happy with how much Hannah loved her finished makeup, and I was more than happy to use her own products that she was more comfortable with.

Lauren and her assistant, Ava

Photographer Lauren turned up shortly after, and she easily fell right in to conversation with us, mostly about the little dogs. When Daniella arrived with her MUA, Katy, it was awesome to see how well the girls' opposing looks complimented each other. Katy's makeup colour choices looked perfect with Daniella's outfit, and her hair by Dora was so cute it almost inspired me to cut all mine off into a cool bob!

If you've ever had your photo taken, you know it feels a little awkward. Having to fake laugh, fake engage in conversation, and look poised yet focused yet professional yet casual, can be very awkward! Lauren was a real pro at calming nerves on both sides of the camera lens. The cheesy tunes began playing (S-Club 7 anyone?) and the jokes and laughs began naturally flowing, allowing Lauren to capture some gorgeous candid snaps in between the poses. This was also a great way for us to get to know one another better, as asking questions about one-another's lives and businesses was a great way to keep chat happening. Little Ava and Elvis also provided us with great entertainment as they pottered around, wondering what on

earth was going on in their home! I think anyone would agree that the results have been well worth it.

All together, being a part of this shoot has been a fabulous experience and I met some great, like-minded people. I learnt a lot about working in the wedding business, and also how to hang up a balloon arch- it's not quite so easy as it looks! Thank you girls for having me on board, and I wish you the very best for the fair and for any future ventures you may have.


Pretty & Punk Wedding Fair will take place on October 6th at Tavistock Hall

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