Price List

For Weddings

  • Bridal Make-Up & Hair   £100+

  • Bridal Make-Up Only   £80+

  • Per Trial £40+

  • Per Bridesmaid Make-Up & Hair   £60+

  • Per Bridesmaid Make-Up Only   £40+

For Other Events

  • Party/Event/Formal Make-Up & Hair   £60+

  • Party/Event/Formal Make-Up Only   £40+

  • Prom Makeup   £20+

Party Survival Kits

  • Small, includes 4 full-sized products!    £35

  • Large, includes 8 full-sized products!   £60

  • Other larger or smaller kits can be customized with different products or be made to fit your budget

I hope to provide an ideal service for all kinds of brides and party-goers alike, so please use this page as a rough guide and feel free to contact me for quotes, or with any concerns you may have. Group deals can be made. Prices subject to change depending on your requirements.


  • False Lashes   £15

  • Chunky BioGlitter   £5+

  • Want anything else that isn't mentioned? Email me, I can accommodate!

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South Devon, England